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Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger – Xbox 360 LT3.0 RGH JTAG

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  • Data de lançamento: 12-04-2011

Set in year 2011, Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Danger puts you in control of a bunch of mercenaries stranded in the Amazon Jungle. Now caught in the middle of civil warfare, their only choice is to fight it out and stay alive as long as possible.

Raven Squad is your standard tactical real time strategy game with a twist. You can control your squad members in first person view as well. The RTS section contains no base building as you’ll be given a set number of units for each level to complete. It plays very much like Ground Control and Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps. The first person mode plays pretty much like any first person shooter in the market, giving you the advantage to perform one shot kills (eg. head-shots). The game features single player co-op as well.


Informação adicional

Informação adicional


LT 3.0, RGH / JTAG


Region Free


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